Zach Griggs


“To enjoy what you do to make a living, is the goal in our reality. To be happy even if you don’t enjoy what you do to make a living is the life goal.." -Zach Griggs

    Zach started tattooing in 2008, at the age of 18, in Ocala, FL. He was apprenticed by Dean and Beth Strickland at Extreme Ink Tattoo under what many would now call an “old fashioned” apprenticeship. Zach moved to Gainesville, FL in 2012 where he continued tattooing for almost two years.

     It was in Gainesville that Zach met his wife, Emily, and from there they decided to travel, moving to Portland, OR and seeing the country along the way. They explored the Pacific Northwest for about a year and a half, before returning to the panhandle of FL in 2014 to settle down, marry, and start a family. Later that year they discovered they were pregnant with their son. Needless to say, the birth of their son, Atticus, was a beautiful and major life change, and Zach and Emily wanted to get back to their roots. So in the fall of 2016, Zach and Co. returned to Gainesville, and Zach began work with the illustrious Wunderland crew.

     It was through Zach’s many travels, meeting and working with countless talented, driven artists that shaped him into the artist he is today. Zach is proud to have been tattooing professionally for 8 years now and although he has worked all over, each experience has influenced his work and taught him all he knows. From the start of his career until now, Zach has always enjoyed Classic tattooing. Keeping that in mind, he applies those aspects and techniques to each of the tattoos that he creates, to give strong, long-lasting, quality pieces of art to each of his clients. Zach is open to different ideas and loves to hear about what his client’s tattoo means to them. From the small, simple designs to sleeves and body murals, Zach believes there is beauty whether the piece has meaning or is spontaneous. Come in and meet Zach and tell him stories :)