Mark Parrish


       Here is a man’s guide to how and why tattooing works. This unusual experience is the result of Mark Benjamin Parrish’s many years’ experience with the occult, the strange, the unexplored. Unique is the literature of tattoos, it offers an easy-to-follow introduction to the styles, signs, and designs of the tattoo. Never before have these fundamentals been developed in so usable a form as they are here. Each tattoo element is made clear in terms of everyday living so that even a novice can follow. Every technical detail is fully explained, and at each stage the artist anticipates and answers the tattoo-ies questions. Mark Benjamin Parrish opens his art by showing how tattooing arose from primitive man’s confrontation with the world of chance and risk. From the beginning, we go on to grasp a spellbinding idea -- that through tattoos man can bring his own destiny under control.