After 8 of years tattooing in South FL it was time for a change. Eric Jazvac moved to Gainesville and opened his own shop with longtime friend and business partner Vincent Fiorello.  Wunderland Custom Tattooing opened in the summer of 2015 in the heart of downtown Gainesville, FL and is a premier location for high quality custom tattooing. Whether it is something something absurd, Japanese, or comic book related he, with Mark and Zach by his side, are making sure that you spend the rest of your life with memories of a good experience and a great tattoo. 

Vincent Fiorello:

        Drummer for LESS THAN JAKE, co-founder of record label FUELED BY RAMEN, founder of PAPER + PLASTICK, WAXWORKS CANDLE COMPANY, and toy company WUNDERLAND WAR.  Dad and husband, coffee drinker, toy collector, and frequent flyer.







        Born and raised in south Florida, Eric started tattooing in 2007 at Big Brain 2 in Pompano Beach.  Overtime he has been fortunate to be surrounded by some of the industry's best artists and with that inspiration and a tireless work ethic he was able to learn different styles and disciplines of tattooing.  This creative combination has developed into a unique style of his own that is noted for both illustrative and realistic qualities. All of these qualities shine in now his very own shop that is Wunderland Custom Tattooing. This is where his work has been taken onto new heights, embracing the culture and creativity of Gainesville ,FL. 


Mark Parrish


       Here is a man’s guide to how and why tattooing works. This unusual experience is the result of Mark Benjamin Parrish’s many years’ experience with the occult, the strange, the unexplored. Unique is the literature of tattoos, it offers an easy-to-follow introduction to the styles, signs, and designs of the tattoo. Never before have these fundamentals been developed in so usable a form as they are here. Each tattoo element is made clear in terms of everyday living so that even a novice can follow. Every technical detail is fully explained, and at each stage the artist anticipates and answers the tattoo-ies questions. Mark Benjamin Parrish opens his art by showing how tattooing arose from primitive man’s confrontation with the world of chance and risk. From the beginning, we go on to grasp a spellbinding idea -- that through tattoos man can bring his own destiny under control.


Zach Griggs


      Zach started tattooing in 2008, at the age of 18, in Ocala, FL. He was apprenticed by Dean and Beth Strickland at Extreme Ink Tattoo under what many would now call an “old fashioned” apprenticeship. 

     It was through Zach’s many travels, meeting and working with countless talented, driven artists that shaped him into the artist he is today. Although he has worked all over, each experience has influenced his work and taught him all he knows. He has always enjoyed Classic tattooing and  applies those aspects and techniques to each of the tattoos that he creates, to give strong, long-lasting, quality pieces of art to each of his clients. Zach is open to different ideas and loves to hear about what his client’s tattoo means to them. From the small, simple designs, to sleeves and body murals, he believes there is beauty whether the piece has meaning or is spontaneous. 

Jeffy Scott


      Hailing from Baltimore, MD, Jeff began his tattoo journey at the young age of 10 when his older came home one day with a giant tattoo his parents hated and he loved!  Jeff thought to himself, one day I will be a great tattooer and make people happy with tattoos.

     With a love for many styles of tattooing, Jeff brings a great attitude and desire to create unique artwork to Wunderland Custom Tattooing.  Whether you are looking for solid bold colors, delicate shades of black and grey, intricate line work, or just something fun and pop culture related, Jeff is eager to take on new and exciting projects.  

*** IMPORTANT*** To schedule an appointment with Jeffy, which will be staring starting in late February, email him at jefftattoos@gmail.com.