Mark parrish


     Mark Parrish’s history is deeply rooted in the sunshine state. Born and raised in Florida he learned to swim at the late age of 8. At 23, after traveling the country (via rails, trails, and thumb), working on farms, joining the military, and being arrested for feeding the homeless with Food Not Bombs, he found himself at a crossroad. So he decided to take his love of illustration and pursue a tattoo career. He began learning how to tattoo in Tampa 15 years ago. After his apprenticeship and a few shops later, he decided to move to Gainesville where he has been tattooing ever since. Mark is the most lovable asshole at Wunderland Tattoo, his voice is like angel kisses and he learned to hate at an early age. His favorite tattoo style is illustrative realism with a touch of symbolism, the occult, strange, unusual, and unexplored. He takes his inspiration from Pinterest, Google, Yahoo, and you.